Remember to Love <3

Yesterday I picked my husband up from the airport in Kansas City. He had been in Portland since Monday, attending DjangoCon 2011. Let me tell ya, it had been the loneliest week of my life and I was so glad to have him home! More importantly, thankful to have him home safe. I’m not going to pretend that I wasn’t nervous about him flying this weekend.

During the hour-long drive home, he asked me what our “project” for the weekend was. Since I started this blog, he seems to think we should have a big kitchen project every weekend for me to post about. And really, even before I started this blog, we did have some kind of project going on most weekends. But this weekend, this day, I wanted to relax and reflect and just be together.

It’s been a great day. I let him sleep off his jet-lag until almost noon, and then I fixed our typical Sunday breakfast: eggs (never done the same way twice) and coffee. Sometimes there’s bacon, sometimes there’s toast, but today it was just super-fluffy scrambled eggs with a pinch of herbes de Provence and espresso with turbinado sugar.

We’ve spent the afternoon listening to Hugh Laurie’s new album, scratching our heads over the Sunday crossword puzzle, mixing dough for gingerbread stars, stocking our freezer pantry with enough diced ham to make Zia Margherita’s amazing sauteed peas through the end of the year, and cooking up our favorite creamy polenta for dinner.

During the darkest of nights, love is what keeps my world spinning. It’s truly the only thing worth living for.

(P.S. Flavio wants to start an online petition to get you guys to convince me that next weekend’s project should be cooking veal tongue. So if you think that sounds tasty, comment on this post. If you think that sounds disgusting, comment on this post. If you have a cool idea for next weekend’s project…well, you get the idea!)

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One Response to Remember to Love <3

  1. Rayana says:

    1 vote for NO veal tongue. hehe

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