Today didn’t start out very good.  Cold and gray with a biting wind.  The cat is in some sort of constant race with my alarm clock to see who can wake me up first (naturally, the cat is winning).  My body hurts in all of the most inconvenient places.  And there doesn’t seem to be enough chocolate in the world right now.

But I couldn’t stay grumpy.  I got to spend my afternoon shopping the ModCloth catalog for work (do want, do want, do want).  My cheery red-checkered tablecloth finally arrived in the mail.  And I made a big steamy pot of my favorite cauliflower-cheddar soup for dinner.

Nobody can stay grumpy with a tummy full of soup.

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2 Responses to Grumpy

  1. S says:

    Mmmm cauliflower-cheddar soup! That sounds amazing! Recipe?

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