Giant Fruit

Last night my husband brought home a bushel basket full of fruit, a Christmas gift from his company.  They apparently employ a bunch of giants because this fruit is huge.  This wasn’t even the biggest orange in the basket…I just grabbed the one on top.

This sort of leaves me wishing that I’d waited to can the apple butter until this weekend.  Except that I’m very glad to have one thing (and unfortunately it’s the only thing, at the moment) checked off my Christmas to-do list.  I’m pretty sure we won’t be able to eat all of the apples in this basket before they rot.  Hmm…do Galas make good pie?  And I’m thinking that the grapefruit might get turned into a curd (yeah right…because I don’t have enough things to do this weekend!).

Is Christmas really only 18 days away?

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2 Responses to Giant Fruit

  1. S says:

    Gala’s make wonderful pie apples! You could always make apple sauce too. We always made ours chunky – that’ll save on cooking time

    • whitney marie says:

      I was thinking about applesauce, maybe if there are any left over after the pie. I keep meaning to try to make a pie, and all of these apples give me a good excuse 🙂

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