Freezer pantry

The house is so quiet today.  I feel like I’ve been extraordinarily lazy today, but I actually got a lot done.  I mailed a big package to Italy, finished a knitting project, bought groceries for next week, washed a mountain of dishes, and spent 2 hours on the phone with my mom.  Plus I made a pot pie for dinner.  About a month ago I roasted an 8-lb. turkey breast and froze whatever we didn’t eat that night.  It’s gone pretty far–I made some turkey & mashed potato pot pies, turkey posole, and now this pot pie tonight.  I have another 8- or 9-lb. turkey breast in the freezer (they were buy-one-get-one-free), which I’ll probably roast sometime next month.  It’s not bad, really–if you figure 4 dinners per turkey, that’s 8 dinners from 2 turkeys.  About $24 for the two turkeys, so it works out to $3 spent on meat for each meal.

I portion and freeze pork products, too.  We could never eat an entire package of bacon in a week, so we break it down into bundles of 4-5 slices.  It’s the perfect amount for adding to soup or making our favorite pasta recipes.  Yesterday I bought half a ham that was on sale.  I added some of it to the split-pea soup we had last night (which has also ended up in my freezer, as per Sara’s instructions!), and I’ll cube the rest and freeze it in 1-cup portions.  I think there are some breakfast sausages hiding in the freezer door as well.

We like meat and we include it in most of our dinners, but it can be expensive, so I try to be economical in what I buy and how I use it.  If you’ve got any freezer pantry tips, please share them in the comments!  🙂

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