I had a very productive weekend.  I was so tired after I finished canning the mustard on Saturday, I just wanted to go to bed.  But then I read through my candied citrus peel recipe and realized that it needed to go through a blanching process and soak in syrup overnight before it could be boiled and dried on Sunday.  Still, I didn’t think the blanching process would take very long–starting at 7:30, I figured I would be done by 10:30.  Wrong!  I underestimated how long it takes my stove to come to a boil.  And then multiply that by five!  I didn’t finish until about 1 AM.

It was worth all of the time and effort, though.  Mostly because it’s nice to have one more thing checked off my list, and not to have had to spend $27/lb. on candied orange peel in order to make our panettone.  And this panettone recipe has a looooong list of ingredients!

There are still plenty of things on my list that need to be done, and this weekend we’ll be having guests.  I’ll be welcoming them to our home with a pot of soup and a rum Bundt cake.  And maybe we can go for a drive to look at all the pretty Christmas lights.

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