all the things!

Oh man, I feel like I’ve spent this entire weekend in the kitchen.  And, well, I guess I pretty much have.  I’m so tired, but it’s been worth it.

On Friday, I made a loaf of English muffin bread from the April/May issue of Cook’s Country.  I cut the recipe in half, although now I’m wishing I hadn’t because our little loaf is almost gone!  For dinner we had a feast of garlicky mussels and parmesan oven fries.

Saturday morning, after cleaning up the kitchen from the previous night’s mess, I made a lemon poppy seed angel food cake.  I’m still not happy with how my angel food cakes are turning out.  The crumb is inconsistent, and they’re not quite as tall as they should be.  And the lemon glaze I made for this one was way too thin.  But these are nit-picky, technical problems, and the bottom line is that the cake tastes really good.  I’m sure it will be gone by the middle of the week.

I’ve never been one to get really into St. Patrick’s day, beyond wearing green, but this year I went all out and made corned beef, braised bacon cabbage, and boiled potatoes for dinner.  And, of course, beer (Irish red ale).  Today I turned the leftovers into a pretty tasty corned beef hash, which we ate with some of the English muffin bread for lunch.

Of course, when I saw “English muffin bread,” my mind immediately went to eggs Benedict.  It’s my favorite egg dish, probably because I only get to eat it on the rare occasion that we go out for breakfast.  I butter-toasted some fat slices of the bread under the broiler, quickly fried up a few slices of Canadian bacon, poached some eggs, and topped it all off with some hollandaise (made from a mix–I’m not completely crazy).

The final thing I made this weekend was probably the most successful–Nigella Lawson’s recipe for brown bread from How to be a Domestic Goddess.  The recipe uses a mixture of bread flour, whole wheat flour, and rye flour.  I haven’t gotten a chance to taste it yet, because it’s still cooling, but if the smell wafting my way while it was in the oven is any indication…  Well, I probably should’ve made two loaves of this bread, as well.

And don’t worry guys…after this three day binge, we’re eating a big fat salad for dinner tonight.

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2 Responses to all the things!

  1. I’ve never really been big on muscles, but for some reason lately they’re looking extra tasty to me! Where did you find yours? I’m not really sure where to get good muscles in Kansas….

    • whitney marie says:

      I buy them at dillons, at the seafood counter. They should put them in a bag with some ice for you. Get them just before you check out, though, and go straight home. They can suffocate if left in the bag for too long, and once they’re dead, they’re not safe to cook & eat. There are lots of tutorials online for cleaning & cooking mussels. They’re so cheap and tasty…only $3/lb! Half a pound is probably a good serving size, unless you’re a mussel fanatic like Flavio & me…I bought two pounds and we ate them all!

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