home sweet home

It’s been a while, hasn’t it?  After moving three times in the first three years of our marriage, I’m very happy to announce that Flavio & I are finally setting down some roots.  A few weeks ago, we bought our first (and — fingers crossed! — our last) house.  It’s a lovely old bi-level in a friendly neighborhood on a quiet, tree-lined street.  We’ve already met most of our neighbors, and we haven’t even moved in yet.  The house needs some work…something we discovered on our third day of home ownership, as we stripped wallpaper in the downstairs bedroom and discovered a wall that had been badly damaged by termites and needed to be rebuilt.  But we’re excited to make it ours.  For the past three weeks, we’ve been busily tearing down wallpaper, priming, and painting.  Four rooms are done, with many more to go.

Today we took Zoe, our cat, to visit the house for the first time.  She’s pretty skittish by nature, but she seemed fairly comfortable wandering from room to room.  I think her favorite part of the house will be this window in the basement, which looks out into the front yard.  We’ll set up her little perch here, where she can spend all day watching the squirrels and robins do their squirrel-y and robin-y things, hidden by the flowering bushes that are planted just in front of the window.

All of the nonstop work at the house has me feeling a bit run down, and I’ve caught a nasty stomach bug, but I’m hoping to be feeling much better by next weekend so I can slap some sunny yellow paint on the dining room walls.  Goodbye, brown…hello, yellow!

Can’t wait to share before & after pictures with you all!  xoxo

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