May was such a busy month for us.  Moving, cleaning up our old place so we could return the keys, unpacking, entertaining our first visitor.  And in between all of that, Flavio turned 32, and our niece celebrated her very first birthday.

Flavio’s birthday was on the Monday following the weekend we moved into our house, so by necessity it was a very low-key celebration.  For dinner, I made pasta with bacon & lots of spring vegetables, including fresh fava beans.  I’d never cooked with fresh favas before, and although I knew I was going to have to shell them twice, I didn’t really anticipate how long that was going to take.  Made worse by the fact that it took more than 45 minutes for our stove to simmer a pot of water…I completely gave up on trying to get it to boil.  (Later I discovered that the burner I was using has a switch that can change it from a small burner to a large burner.  It was flipped to “small burner,” so the heat was concentrating on only about a 6″ diameter circle.  And, of course, the switch is broken, so we can’t flip it to “large burner” until we figure out how to fix it.  So, probably no canning happening here this summer…uffa!)

Flavio’s birthday “cake” was an apricot custard tart with almonds.  I made this once before, last summer when we had a little picnic under a big leafy tree at Centennial Park.  Unfortunately, I didn’t have any powdered sugar to sprinkle over the top this time, and it really needed something like that because the apricots were a little too tart for me.  But it was probably perfect for Flavio, who’s not too crazy about sweets.

Hadley’s birthday was the very next weekend.  Boy, that little girl sure does have a lot of people who love her!  I was happy we got to spend a little one-on-one time with her the day before her party, to give her our presents on her actual birthday.

The party was Hello Kitty-themed, with lots of pink balloons & streamers everywhere.  So fun & girly!  Hadley had a ball eating her sparkly Hello Kitty cake.  Because, wellcake is awesome!  Some of the truest things in life are learned the earliest.



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