Memorial Day weekend, we had our first visitors at the new house: my beautiful mom and her dog, Xena.  It was really our first weekend in the house too, because the previous weekend we had been in Wichita celebrating our niece’s first birthday.  We spent two whole days relaxing on the deck, hula-hooping in the backyard, eating lots of good food, drinking iced tea, and listening to Paul Simon.  It was the perfect way to christen our new home!

Xena, who normally runs so fast & so free that her vet thinks she’s probably part greyhound, seemed lost in our huge backyard.  It wasn’t until late Sunday evening that she finally found the courage to gallop and play fetch.

I really enjoy cooking for my mom.  There are very few things she refuses to eat (although, come on Mom…cucumbers? how can you hate cucumbers??), but mostly we have a similar philosophy about food, very vegetable-centric.  We both eat meat – in fact almost every day – but we enjoy it best as a component of the meal, not the focus.  I never want to stereotype the Midwest here, and this concept of “meat on the side” isn’t new or original to us, but it’s not popular with the rest of my family.  I get a lot of comments like, “Your food is so fancy.  Can you cook something regular for us?”  And I don’t mind, really.  If you’re my guest, I want to fix something you’re going to enjoy, or else what’s the point?  But I love cooking for my mom because she loves the food I love.

Admittedly, the first meal we had during her visit would’ve gone over well with anybody in my family (my brother’s comment on Instagram: “Finally something my speed!”).  Grilled steak tacos with roasted baby peppers, homemade pico de gallo, lime mayo, and queso fresco.

But the second night?  Probably wouldn’t have been too popular with anyone but my mom.  I made the eggplant ‘pizza’ galette that I wrote about here last summer.

The weekend ended on kind of a weird note, with an explosion at 7am, my first ever call to 911, fire trucks, and a poor squirrel that got caught in the power lines.  Haha, but up to that point it had been wonderful, and I can’t wait for more people to visit us here at the Tree House!


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