backyard surprises

Buying a house in the dead of winter has a few advantages: prices tend to be a little lower, there’s less competition from other buyers, and most of the houses on the market have probably been there for a few months (making sellers more willing to negotiate).  But be prepared for a few surprises in the spring when things come alive…

What we thought were pretty bushes lining the back fence turned out to be 6-foot high weeds.  My beautiful crabapple tree lost her pretty pink flowers the day after this picture was taken, and now she’s dying from a slime mold.  Vines are kind of a bitch.  Clover has taken over the front lawn on one side of the driveway.  So. Many. Dandelions.

But after borrowing some tools from a neighbor to chop down the weeds along the back fence, we were surprised to find a good-sized peony bush.  Because it had been hidden from the sun, the 7 or 8 buds hadn’t bloomed yet.  A few days later, as they were coming into full bloom, Flavio cut the peonies for me to make a beautiful bouquet for our kitchen table.

Now I’ve bought a sketchbook and a field guide to help me record & identify some of the plants growing around our property.  Morning glories, Queen Anne’s lace, and so many green things.  Surrounded by nature’s beauty and the wonder of Creation.


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